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Do webms work?

titansandtyrants said: That hud is a placeholder? It looks great as-is. I also dig the backgrounds, especially the first.

I’m not set on the design yet, I want to try a few more but I like the style of it
The first is also my current favourite, I’m most likely going to work on that one

guardly said: That’s pretty fucking neato


Here are some recent images of my attempts.

All of these are “potential backgrounds”, if I decide to go with the ideas I’ll be drawing them so they look clean. HUD is a placeholder.

Nothing is final!

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Updates (images in next post)

Wow I haven’t posted in a while.
I’ve been busy so progress has been real slow.

If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to this whole time, the short answer is failing!


I’ve been trying to design some cool backgrounds for levels, some animations, and plain character art. Most of it turned out way below my expectations, which makes sense since I don’t practice drawing as much as I should be! I think I have more than 15 background ideas/drawings I ditched.

Anyways, I’ve been trying to find a general style I could work with that’s within my skill so I restarted drawing things a few times since the last post. I didn’t want to post every attempt. I wanted to post something I’d be able to stick with, I think I’m okay with it now.


The gameplay has also changed (again), I wanted to make a sort of adventure game where you would explore a bit and fight bosses, but now it’s going to be based on the original game.

It’s simply going to be fight a wave of enemies, then a boss, then next stage.

P.S: I ditched 3D for this game, my modeling and texturing skills have a long way to go.

Anonymous said: Is project kill? Please don't be kill.

It’s never kill!

I wasn’t sure where I was going with the game anymore but I think I found a solution!
Details soon

I wasn’t sure where I was going with the game anymore but I think I found a solution!

Details soon

Stay tuned while I figure out what I’m even making

Stay tuned while I figure out what I’m even making

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Anonymous said: Hey... could you need help from a 3d artist? If so how can I contact you? This project seems pretty fun.

Hey, thanks for the offer!
I plan to do everything except music/sound effects by myself however, and learning 3D is fun too.

Is it really just stretching the texture like that? Does it work when going into a 3D engine?
EDIT: Damn it tumblr, what happened to my reply text? I wrote:

Yes it loads in engines, you just need to set your UV mapping mode to “repeat”, both in your modeling program and in the engine you’re using, then it will wrap around the model.

I found that above image and wanted to learn to use that technique, it took a while but I can do it in Blender now!

I don’t want to have to paint every side of walls or things like pillars so this will be pretty useful.

Ignore the broken texture, it was done in a minute so it doesn’t repeat properly.

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I needed to decide which kind of view I’d use for the game, using 3D opens up a lot of possibilities. I even considered making the movement 3D as well but I’m going to stick to 2D, left and right movement.

1st image is a scene with some random shapes quickly done so I could figure out the scale and how far it would go, 2nd is just a render.

3rd is texturing and uv mapping practice with a simple shape.